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COVID UPDATE  March 2021

I am now offering online tuition only.

I'm available to teach private lessons as well as group courses. For group courses go to Online Courses in the main menu. For private tuition read on. Private tuition online can be for one person or a small group of up to four people, if you all live under one roof. Adults and children welcome. My fee is £30 per hour. It's up to you how often you have your lessons and how long each lesson lasts, but my minimum fee for any lesson is £30. One off lessons are also fine. I will provide you with a list of materials that I suggest you bring to your lesson.


Under normal circumstances I offer instruction in the basics of drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. However, I'm still adjusting to teaching online so there may be some art projects that I'm not be able to teach in the normal way. But please do get in touch via the contact page to discuss your requirements and we'll see what's possible.


"Paint is for everyone young and old, you just have to believe" (Lars, age 12)


To begin with I take a light and fun approach to familiarizing students with the world of image making, using playful and easy exercises, and then gradually introducing more skill-based practice. Like Lars (quoted above) I'm a firm believer that anyone can enjoy art-making if they want to, given the right guidance, and I think that having fun is an essential ingredient to learning -- so I make it a priority! Of course you may already have experience of making art, and might be looking for fresh input and inspiration. I can provide this too.


I'm happy working in the realm of traditional representation (portraits, still life, landscapes etc) as well as the more abstract and imaginative modes of art.

I have a degree in Fine Art which I studied at Central St Martin's School of Art, and I've been teaching since 2009. Most importantly perhaps, I've enjoyed making art all my life and I love sharing the pleasure of it with others.

For more information and to book a lesson, get in touch via the contact page.

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