Personal one-to-one tuition:


For one-to-one tuition at my studio the cost is £40 per hour, adults and children alike.

For one-to-one tuition at your home the cost is £60 per hour. This is for people who live in or near Norwich.

Both fees include materials. I recommend an hour and a half lesson duration to start off, and then reduce or increase as you feel necessary. Please note: occasionally there will be extra charges for materials with certain projects.

Small Groups



For groups of two or three adults at my studio I charge an extra £10 per hour per extra person. So the fee for 2 adults is £50 per hour, and for 3 adults it’s £60 per hour. This means if you want to come along with a couple of friends it works out cheaper per person. Three people is the maximum number I can comfortably fit in my studio.




A group of two children costs £45 per hour, 3 children costs £50 per hour, materials included. For An adult and one or two children together, please ask for a quote.

Larger Workshops


For larger groups, workshops, and parties, my fee will vary depending on how much preparation and materials are required, as well as the size of the group. Contact me to discuss your requirements and I'll give you a quote. You would have to provide the venue for this as my studio has limited capacity.

Cancellation fee:


Please note that I charge a cancellation fee if you cancel your lesson less than 7 days before your booking date, or if you forget to turn up. This is a minimum of 50% of the cost of your lesson, and up to the full amount, depending on the circumstances.